Trusted care for your child

Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center’s pediatric doctors (pediatricians) provide a full range of quality services to keep children and adolescents healthy. Our pediatric care team is dedicated to making children and parents as comfortable as possible, and providing a welcoming environment with friendly, caring staff.

Whether it’s an annual check-up or treatment for a serious illness, our pediatricians take your child’s health as seriously as you do. We offer a variety of pediatric care services, including:

  • General physicals and exams
  • Prenatal counseling
  • Newborn and infant care
  • Adolescent care
  • Diagnosis and treatment for acute and chronic illness
  • Camp, school and sports physicals
  • Immunizations and screenings
  • Sleep disorders
  • Preventive care
  • Pediatric surgery

Infants to adolescents requiring hospitalization receive specialized care in a dedicated pediatrics unit at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center. Care is family-focused because we believe that is fundamental in the child’s treatment and recovery.

The unit is staffed with pediatricians and specially trained pediatric nurses experienced in pediatric care. Each patient room features a TV and video player. A 'kid center cart' including a game system and various games is available to help keep children entertained while on the pediatrics unit. Special “kid-friendly” menus are also available to help children feel more at home.

We go the extra mile to make sure every child on our pediatric unit is always safe.  Each child receives an arm bracelet with a sensor that will automatically alarm if a child is taken too close to the exit doors without hospital or parent permission.

Rooms are also equipped with a convertible chair that folds into a bed for parents staying overnight with their children.  It is our focus to make every child as comfortable as possible while they are in the hospital.